Happy Birthday Logan and Madison

On this day 11 years ago, our wonderful twins, Madison and Logan, were born.

They were born three minutes apart, but despite being twins, they are very, very different.

Madison is full of life.

Ever the performer, she dances and prances around the house with seemingly endless enthusiasm.

Always one to embrace a challenge, she runs cross country, represents her school in athletics, performs gymnastics and plays netball, basketball and the piano.  I’m tired just writing this, but she is indefatigable.

She’s always helpful to her school teachers and works hard at school, with a work ethic that translates to her home chores as well.  She loves helping around the house, except when it comes to tidying her own room.  I guess nobody’s perfect.

And then there’s Logan.

Our Logi Bear is a funny little man who is tall, bright, loyal and observant.

Being a typical 11-year-old, he loves Dragonball Z,  computer games and collecting bugs.

He also manages to keep himself busy, playing basketball, doing athletics and going to piano lessons, although he doesn’t embrace them with the same enthusiasm as his sister.

He’s a quiet achiever, who does very well at school with a minimum of fuss.  His quiet nature means that he is often coerced into activities by his louder siblings, but he has a will of his own and is happy to say no if required.

His sweet tooth is matched by his sweet nature and he’s growing into a fine young man.

We are very proud of them both.

Born three minutes apart, forever connected, but wonderfully unique.