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You may not be able to house every homeless person or get everyone out of poverty.

You may not be able to educate every child.

You may not be able to close every deal.

And world peace may be beyond your control.

But you can do something.

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Some images need a caption.

Perhaps it’s to make the picture more interesting.

Or maybe it’s to describe what is really happening.

But some pictures don’t need a caption.

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You can either stand out for doing phenomenal work, or do what everyone else does.

You can maximise your skills, or try to hide them.

You can continually develop yourself, or hope that the world stands still.

You can do what you were made to do, or you can conform to the expectations of others.

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According to legend, before every concert, Bruce Springsteen says to the band, “this could be somebody’s first concert, or it could be their last, so let’s give it everything we’ve got!”

It sounds like something Bruce would say.

It also sounds like something we should be doing.

Bringing passion to our work.

Delivering insanely brilliant service to our customers.

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I often use the phrase, “the best is yet to come,” but of course that doesn’t automatically happen.

If your career has stalled or your marriage is on the rocks, you can’t just hope for a better future, ignoring the real problems and assuming that everything will turn out OK.

You’ve got to work for it.

You’ve got to continue to grow and evolve.

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Do you smile more?

Do you want to continually improve?

Do you do it with pizzazz?

Does your heart rate go up?

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For over 8 years, I have run my own resume writing and career coaching business, the last 6 years full-time.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity and it has been a privilege to work closely with thousands of clients from around Australia (and globally), helping them to achieve their career goals and find meaningful work.

But that has come to an end and I had my first day in my new role today.

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Plant now.

Read more books.

Learn all that you can.

Invest in relationships (especially with your spouse and kids).

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Are you coming down to their level?

Are you bringing the people around you down to where you are?

Are you measuring your life by the levels of others?

Are others aspiring to be where you are?

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Occasionally, it’s a good idea to cut and paste content from another document or email that you’ve been working on.

The risk of making a mistake is minimised.

It’s more efficient.

It got the message across effectively last time.  Logically, it will work again this time.

Then there are those who cut and paste their lives.

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