“It’s hard to beat moments like this, and it’s hard to beat teams that act like this.”

Last night, Reece Conca played his 100th game for the Richmond Football Club.  He’s a popular club-man, best known within the club for his “Conca cuddle” celebrations with team-mates after they have kicked a goal.

It’s been a long journey to get to 100 as he has had terrible luck with injury throughout his career.

And then, 15 minutes into his milestone game, he suffered a dislocated ankle that left him writhing in agony.

As a fan, it was hard to watch such a fine young man suffer such pain and heartbreak, but what happened next was both inspiring and heart warming.

After he was loaded onto the stretcher to be taken from the ground and off to hospital, every single team-mate who was on the ground came up to support and acknowledge their fallen soldier.

17 big, strapping athletes, openly expressing their love and care for one of their own in such an open manner.  It was an extraordinary scene that I haven’t witnessed before.

Despite their shock, the team steeled itself and went on to win a top of the table clash against a very strong Sydney side, but in the context of the injury, that seemed inconsequential.

Afterwards, a fan commented on a photo of Reece and his team-mates together, “It’s hard to beat moments like this, and it’s hard to beat teams that act like this.”

The Richmond Tigers are the reigning premiers and are on top of the ladder, but many experts would argue that they aren’t the most talented team in the AFL.

But what they have is a connection to each other that can’t be broken.

My question today is, what kind of culture are you creating in your workplace, your school, your church, your sports team?

Is it one that genuinely cares and isn’t afraid to show it?

Because that’s the kind of team that can make it through adversity and deliver exceptional results.

PS. Get well soon, Reece.