Sometimes, we place limitations on ourselves, imagining obstacles that aren’t really there.

We’re afraid.

Of what? It doesn’t matter.

Our fears are imaginary fences that block us in without good reason.

We think that they are there to protect us, when in fact, they just hold us back.

We lack confidence. 

We walk around with a false belief that we’re not good enough, not influential enough, not one of the chosen few.

We’re too comfortable.

We think that we have reached our peak and it’s too hard to strive for more.

After a period of sitting in the same position, our ambitions start to atrophy and we don’t know if we have what it takes to get up and moving again.

Today, I want to encourage you to be bold, be brave and be adventurous.

To understand that these limitations are self-imposed and imaginary.

To know that if you push on those fences, they will fall and you will be able to further extend your skills, your effectiveness and your influence.

To believe that you can change the world.