I wonder if, when Michelangelo was asked to paint the Sistine Chapel, he was asked how long it would take.

I can just imagine the conversation.

“Can you get it done next month? We have a big event and it would be great to have it completed by then.”

The great artist rolls his eyes and gets back to work.

Four years later it gets done.

“I could have done it quicker, but I wanted to do it with excellence.”

We live in a world of instant results.

Fast food, seven minute abs, Instagram.

We want everything yesterday, but excellence is a still a differentiator.

You can charge more for excellence.

You can take more pride in a job well done.

You can build something that lasts.

You can improve your craft.

You can create a masterpiece.

But not if you’re constantly rushing.

Whatever you do, you can do it quickly, or you can do it with excellence.

But you can’t do both.

What will you choose?