When you walk into an interview, walk with boldness, looking people in the eye and confidently introducing yourself.

When you walk into the office on a Monday morning, walk with boldness, knowing that this is another exciting week when you have the chance to do meaningful work and change the world.

When you walk onto the stage to give a presentation, walk with boldness, knowing that your story, your expertise, your passion and your perspective is valuable to someone in the audience.

And when you walk into the next phase of your life, walk with boldness, not shrinking from the challenge, but confident that God has a plan for you and that life is meant to be an adventure.

Don’t underestimate your abilities.

Don’t talk yourself out of doing your best work.

Don’t allow your thoughts and actions to be controlled by fear.

Don’t diminish yourself by thinking that you are just a very small person in a very small corner of the world.

But know that you have done the work.

Know that you are enough

Stay humble.

Walk with boldness and change the world.