23 years ago today, our relationship started on a playground in Parkville.

It was a lovely summer evening when we shared our first kiss.

It’s beautifully symbolic.

We’ve been on the see-saw a few times.

Had a few rides down the slide.

We’ve pushed each other on the swings, enabling us each to soar higher than we could have done by ourselves.

There have been sunny days full of laughter and rainy days when we don’t like feel like playing anymore.

We’ve climbed to the top and then we’ve fallen and scraped our knees.

But as I look back on the last 23 years, it’s been a grand adventure.  We’ve lived in multiple states and multiple houses, changed careers a few times, owned 4 dogs and become the proud parents of 3 amazing kids.

And the fun all started on a playground.

Happy Valentines Day, my darling Karen.

And may the years ahead be full of more laughter and fun together.