As I walked into church last weekend, I made the mistake of making eye contact with a friend of mine who was obviously holding a clipboard (what a give away) and asked if I could help with collecting the offering in the service.

Of course, I agreed, but scolded myself for making eye contact with Les, when if I had ignored him, I could have just taken my seat and not had to help.

What a silly, self-absorbed perspective!

As I sat there in church (and let’s face it, is there a better place for self-reflection?), I reminded myself that instead of looking away and ignoring the problems of the world, I need to make more eye contact.

I need to engage more with my neighbours.

I need to treat customer service staff and waiters with respect and dignity.

I need to look for opportunities to help, rather than hope that someone else will step up.

We spend too much time in our little bubbles, looking at small screens and pretending that we don’t notice.

Let’s make eye contact again, and let’s do it with a smile.

It’s one small way that we can help to make the world a better place.