Our oldest son, Hayden, graduated from primary school today.  It was a nice, simple ceremony that marked the transition from his junior years of schooling to the next, exciting and slightly daunting step in his education.

Hopefully, it won’t be the last of his graduations.  High school, and perhaps university, await.

With each graduation there will be new challenges.

New social interactions.

New skills to develop and lessons to learn.

But does it stop there?  Should it?

Shouldn’t we be continually transitioning into new stages?

Should I be the same father or husband that I was 10 years ago, or should I be progressing and developing into a better person?

What about at work?  Should we be making the same contribution that we made 5 years ago, or should our expertise and influence be continuing to grow?

And in our faith? Should have the same understanding of God, Jesus and the scriptures that we had when we first believed or should we be continually transformed?

I’m a very proud dad and to see our kids growing up is awesome, but I trust that their graduating doesn’t stop when they finish their formal education.