A few of my neighbours really get into the spirit of the season.

They do a great job of decorating their front yards for Christmas, with a few even trying something at Halloween.  It’s nice that they make such an effort and there are times when I walk past that I think I should do something similar to make the street more festive at Christmas.

Then I smile at myself, shake my head and remember that I really don’t have the time, the energy or the inclination to do anything like this.

Of course, that’s the key isn’t it?

To do anything in life, you need the time, the energy and the inclination. If you don’t, it just won’t get done.

Here’s the deal.

If you want to do something, you have to make the time.

Sometimes, I don’t think that I have the time to write this blog, but for the past 7 and a half years, I’ve made the time to publish a new post every weeknight.

We all have the same 24 hours available to us, but those who get stuff done are those who utilise their time better.  They make choices and find the time.  It’s as simple as that.

In addition, you have to generate your own energy.

No one tells the great musicians that they have to practice.  They just practice.

No one tells the great athletes to hit the gym.  They just hit the gym.

You can’t rely on others to motivate you, you have to motivate yourself.

You can’t wait until you feel excited about doing something, you have to find a way to drive yourself to take action, understanding that the energy often comes after you start, not before.

As for the inclination, if you really want something enough, the time and energy will look after itself.

My question today is, do you want it enough?

Will you make the time?

Will you generate your own energy?

You may not decorate your front yard this Christmas, but I hope that you can find a way to do something else that makes a positive difference in your community.