50,000 people finished the recent NYC Marathon.

50,000 people signed up and believed that they could do it.

50,000 people trained for months to build up their running capacity.

50,000 people turned up to the starting line.

50,000 people started with enthusiasm.

50,000 people differentiated themselves from the interested onlookers.

50,000 people hit the wall and pushed through it.

50,000 people felt tired, but kept going.

50,000 people felt a combination of jubilation and relief when they crossed the finish line.

50,000 people were very sore the next day, but knew that all of the hard work and resilience was worth it.

I don’t know what your goals are.

Maybe one day you want to run a marathon, maybe not.

Or perhaps you want to start a business, become a better leader or lose weight.

So if 50,000 people can be disciplined enough to prepare themselves, resilient enough to push through pain and strong enough to finish, you can too.