I’m so excited!

A little over a month ago my beloved Richmond Tigers won their first AFL Premiership in 37 years and today I bought the 2017 Premiers Victory Pack, a 4 DVD pack that contains their 3 finals wins and season highlights.  As a long-suffering supporter, it was a phenomenal outcome for a team that came from nowhere to win the Grand Final in stunning fashion after one of the most dominant final series in recent history.

I can’t wait to find the time to relive the glory of the past season and replay the wins.

2016 was a different story.

We were terrible, coming 13th after a deplorable season that was difficult to watch.

I’m not buying any DVD of that year, I can assure you.

Why is it that in sport, we replay the wins, but in life, we too often replay the losses?

Some people spend a lot of time and emotional energy replaying in their minds the disappointments, the missed opportunities, the hurtful words, the rejections.

And when we replay those memories, we don’t just remember what happened to us, we remember how we felt.

It becomes a visceral experience that is unhelpful and unnecessary.

This weekend, I’m planning to replay the wins of my football team.

And I hope that you are able to replay the good times of your life as well.

The moments that make you smile, that cause you to be grateful, that remind you of what you are capable of.

And go Tigers!