I’m still basking in the glory of my footy team’s AFL premiership a couple of weeks ago and recently read this quote from one of Richmond’s unsung heroes, Kane Lambert.  He said,

“It’s funny, we get to the destination of winning a premiership but I think the sweetest part and the thing that makes it worthwhile was the journey we went on together. I’m looking forward to getting back to training with the boys and trying to have a crack at it all over again. I’m excited about what’s ahead, rather than what we’ve done.

It’s great to feel good about past achievements, but keep looking ahead and put the work in to replicate your results.

And there will be times when you’re frustrated by your lack of progress, but keep looking ahead towards the moment when you get the breakthrough that you need.

And of course, we have all made mistakes or had circumstances go against us, but keep looking ahead, remaining optimistic about the future and learning important lessons that will hold you in good stead in the years ahead.

Keep looking ahead.

Because the best is yet to come.