There will come a day when you no longer work where you are.

And, like me, you will get too old to play competitive team sport.

Maybe you will change churches, change address or change to another volunteering opportunity.

Whatever changes are in front of you, you will leave something behind.

Will it be a legacy, or a reputation?

Will they miss you, or be grateful that you’re gone?

Will your words of encouragement and wisdom drive them in the years ahead, or will your taunts and tirades still be ringing in their ears?

Will they need 2-3 people to replace the work that you did, or will they look around and wonder what you did all those years?

Will they remember your contribution with a smile, or will they prefer to block you out of their thoughts?

I hope that you’re doing awesome work at the moment, but I also hope that you leave a positive mark that will last well after you’re gone.