Funhouse mirrors are designed to distort what we see, humourously making us look taller, shorter, fatter or skinnier than we really are.

Kids love them and they are always good for a laugh, but it’s not quite so funny when we distort other aspects of our lives.

Some people look at themselves and diminish their own potential, constantly putting themselves down and believing that they are incapable of doing anything meaningful or worthwhile.

Some people look at themselves and exaggerate their own level of importance.  They feel entitled to things that they haven’t worked.

And then there are those who look at themselves and absolve themselves from all responsibility for their current situation.  It must be someone else’s fault, I can’t possibly be to blame.

Today, I want to encourage you to stop looking in the funhouse mirror and get a truer perspective.

You are capable.

You need to do the work.

You have flaws and need to take responsibility for your current circumstances and make changes if you want a better life.

Don’t be too harsh.

Don’t be too delusional.

See yourself as you really are.