When you get to heaven, you won’t be holding a grudge against anyone.

It won’t matter that you were treated badly by your boss.

You won’t care that your siblings received favourable treatment compared to you.

All of those harsh and unfair words that were spoke about you will fade away.

And you’ll be too focused on all of the wonder and beauty of your surroundings to waste time recalling any abuse or mistreatment that you received here on earth.

There are no grudges in heaven, so why waste time on them here?

Life’s too short to focus on those who don’t want the best for you.

There are too many beautiful things to think about to waste your energy pondering on the negatives.

And I suspect that if we all found a way to forgive those who have hurt us, we would be making a positive contribution towards bringing a little bit of heaven to a world that desperately needs more peace and love.