Two football teams play in the same terrible wet and windy conditions.

For one, it’s too uncomfortable and they make excuses for their performance, whilst the other team thrives in the conditions.

Which one wins?

Two bakeries are operating in the same economic conditions.

For one, they complain and bemoan the situation, whilst the other one finds innovative ways to attract and serve customers.

Which one stays in business?

Two employees have the same slightly dysfunctional boss.

For one, it’s a reason to do the bare minimum, only working hard when he’s being watched, whilst the other one does her best every day.

Which one gets the promotion and pay rise?

Two teachers have similar classes of unruly, disinterested students.

For one, they count down the days to the next school holidays, whilst the other is excited about the challenge of engaging and inspiring the group.

Which one gets better results?

I don’t know what your circumstances are.

But what I do know is that your response and attitude to your circumstances is much more important.