I don’t know about you, but it seems that the world is getting nastier and meaner.

People seem to be standing across a large ravine shaking their fists and shouting insults at each other.

Intelligent, civil debate has been replaced by insults and abuse.

More and more, people are becoming more fearful, more suspicious, more aggressive.

I see it in our politicians, on the news and even at local junior football games.

I often pray that God would intervene and bring more of His peace into situations, but increasingly I understand that we each have a role to play in answering that prayer.

So let’s stop the rot and make the world a nicer place.

Let’s smile and engage with people who look different to us.

Let’s forgive those who have hurt us.

Let’s not respond with anger.

Let’s be the influencers and not the influenced.

And let’s never give up in doing good, despite what we see in the world around us.