When we think of flair, we often think of show-offs.

Or perhaps we are reminded of people who don’t play by the rules.

We think of extraordinary flukes that make the evening sportscast.

Or musicians who go on rambling solos, just because they can.

And too often, we think that flair can never apply to us, we’re just not that flamboyant, that brilliant, that talented.

Iconic Australian hockey coach, Ric Charlesworth recently gave a speech where he described flair as just another way of saying, “Superior skills that have been practiced extensively.”

So the next time you see a football player kick a scorching goal from 35 yards, a musician play an epic guitar solo or a speaker hold her audience in the palm of her hand, don’t just admire the talent.

Admire the work that went into maximising that talent.

And then get to work so that you too, can apply your skills with flair.