Much to the delight of my 9 year-old daughter, Australian Ninja Warriors launched on television this week.

And as a result of seeing these phenomenal athletes propelling themselves across incredibly difficult obstacle courses, gym memberships have gone through the roof across the country.

The series has been created to entertain us, but it’s a terrific unintended consequence that such a show and such athletes are inspiring others to emulate their achievements.

My question today is a simple (and obvious) one… Who are you unintentionally inspiring?

As you go about your work, are others watching you and would they be inspired to emulate you?

When they see the challenges that you’ve overcome, do they have a better understanding of what’s possible?

When they see how far you’ve come over the years, do they realise the potential for their own lives.

When those closest to you see the anonymous work that you do behind closed doors, do they feel compelled to do the same?

You may never be a ninja warrior, elite athlete, famous artist or best-selling author, but by doing the best that you can, you can still unintentionally inspire the people around you.