This week, on one of my evening walks with the dogs, my youngest son, Logan, came along with me.

As we tackled the big issues for a 9 year-old (Minecraft, Star Wars, his favourite football player), I asked him if he had an idea for my blog.

He thought for a couple of moments and said, “What about how to be a good friend?”

With that in mind, this is a guest post (sort of) with 5 tips for being a good friend from our Logi Bear:

  1. Respect others and listen to them,
  2. Be honest and don’t tell lies,
  3. Show an interest in what they’re talking about,
  4. Play games that they want to play,
  5. If someone is being bullied, stand up for them and help them.

After coming up with this list, I congratulated him and asked him how he thought of these concepts, hoping that he would mention my awesome parenting.  He simply responded, “I just imagined a person made out of air and what I would do if I wanted to be their friend.”

So there you have it, 5 great tips to become a better friend.

Highly recommended for 9 year olds.

And I suspect that us grown ups could use this too.