This week, I had the privilege of assisting a couple of remarkable young clients.  They had come to Australia from Somalia, via New Zealand, and were still finding their feet from a career perspective.

These two young ladies (they were cousins), were talented, friendly and bright, but had found it difficult to find roles in Australia that matched their skills and aspirations.

After going through the mandatory information that I needed to write their resumes, I had a chat with them each about the challenges they were facing and some strategies that I trusted would be of assistance.

I spoke into them, articulating what I thought their individual capabilities were and reminded them that whilst not everyone would give them the opportunity they deserved, they just needed one person to see their potential and give them a chance.

And I talked about resilience, persistence and many of the other attributes that I write about a lot on this site.

At the end of the conversation, one of them took a deep breath and said, “Thanks Darren, you have given me hope again.”

I almost cried.

Firstly, I was struck that due to prejudice and lack of opportunity, she had lost hope.

Secondly, I was relieved that our conversation had contributed to her regaining her confidence.

We are surrounded by people who have lost hope.

For a range of reasons, people are wandering blindly, despairing of their place in the world.

Despite living in one of the most fortunate countries in the world, for too many the future is clouded and they can’t see a clear way forward.

Sometimes, all it takes is an encouraging conversation to give someone hope again.

You can be the person to have that conversation.

And in doing so, you can change the world.