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I hope that your kids do greater things than you ever did.

I hope that the person you coach and mentor goes on to achieve far more than you have.

I hope that your hand-picked successor at work delivers far better results.

I hope that you forge the way for others to follow.

And I hope that they each look back with gratitude, knowing that they couldn’t have done it without your support and guidance.

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On a daily basis, I meet people from all walks of life who aren’t sure about what they want to do next.

In some cases, they have a multitude of options.

Whereas for others, they feel trapped and can’t see any way forward.

So today, for everyone in this situation (including occasionally myself), I offer this prayer for clarity. Read the rest of this entry »

When you fall, do you land on the dirt?

Does it make a loud thud when you hit the ground?

Does it hurt like hell?

Do you just want to stay there forever, or at least until the pain goes away?

Does it make you want to avoid falling ever again?

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At the stadium, there are a lot of people watching, and a few people actually participating.

There are a lot of people who paid a little for a ticket to watch, and a few people who sacrificed a lot for the right to play.

There are a lot of people who go to be entertained, and a few people who go to make a difference.

There are a lot of people who grimace when an injury occurs, and a few people who take the risk to put themselves in harm’s way.

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Whatever you want to do with your life, there will be challenging moments when you just want to give up.

In those moments, hold on to your why.

You will feel frustrated by your lack of progress.

When that happens, hold on to your why.

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What will happen today?

Will you give up or persist?

Will you progress or go backwards?

Will you hesitate or leap?

Will you connect or withdraw?

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Somewhere, there’s an easy path.

There are no obstacles in the way.

It’s nice and wide.

It’s all downhill.

Lots of people seem to be taking it.

But it leads nowhere.

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Inside the tent it is warm and dry.

If you have prepared properly, you have all of the right equipment and can happily spend your time protected from the wind and rain.

It can be tempting to stay there.

There might be bears or mosquitoes.

You may sprain your ankle.

It’s a little too hot/cold/windy/wet today.

But outside the tent is where the action is.

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There are those who have no idea what they are meant to do with their lives, or even understand that they have something of value to offer the world.

There are those who understand what their purpose is, but never do anything about it.

There are those who start on the journey to fulfill their purpose, but give up at the first sign of difficulty.

There are those who persist past the first few challenges, but lose focus and hope after a while.

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Spaniels are great little dogs, with terrible attention spans.

You see them walking down the street with their owners and they seem to get distracted by everything they see, hear or smell.

“Ooh, a piece of paper.”

“I wonder if I can catch that bird?”

“That smells good.”

“So does that.”

“Ooh, a piece of paper.”

And so it goes on, with the poor owner tugging on the leash to get them back on track.

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