On a daily basis, I meet people from all walks of life who aren’t sure about what they want to do next.

In some cases, they have a multitude of options.

Whereas for others, they feel trapped and can’t see any way forward.

So today, for everyone in this situation (including occasionally myself), I offer this prayer for clarity.

Dear Lord, 

I pray that the next step would become clear.

Not the whole journey, just the next step.

I pray that the fog would lift, showing us that the path ahead isn’t leading to a dead end.

I pray for a better understanding of skills, natural attributes and passions.

I pray that whilst we must learn from others, we shouldn’t feel obliged to copy their journey, but find the path that you have laid out for us.

I pray for purpose.

I pray for wisdom.

I pray for clarity.

And then, when when we know what we must do, I pray for the courage to do it.