To make a groove required a repeated action.

Walk along the same path for long enough and you can see a groove develop.

Whittle away at the same spot on a piece of wood and you can see a groove develop.

We too, can find ourselves in a groove.

Some people call it getting stuck in a rut.

It’s a negative place that they don’t feel they can get out of.  It’s the result of mindlessly doing the same thing over and over again until they believe they are stuck and trapped.

And then there are those who find themselves in a genuine groove.

That place where great musicians, athletes, dancers, speakers, writers and artisans find themselves after years of disciplined training where the incredibly difficult looks easy.

The actions you take today and over the next few years are slowly forming a groove for your life.

Will you look back and wonder how you got so stuck, or will others look you are wonder how you got so good?