It takes courage to take action when under fire.

To stick your head up out of the trenches when there is the threat of an unseen sniper in the distance.

To take the risk required to move forward.

To rally the troops and keep morale high when times are tough.

To be resourceful with what you have, rather than complain about what you don’t.

Sure, you can play it safe and stay where you are.

But that’s not how you gain territory and win battles.

Today, we honour the Australian servicemen and women who have displayed courage under fire since this day 102 years ago.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, and we pledge again to utilise the freedom that you have given us to become the best version of ourselves and make the world a better place for future generations.

And so, in our worlds, we will have the courage to take action when under fire.

We will be resilient during the tough times.

We will positively impact the morale of the people around us.

We will do all that we can to win the battle of making the world a better place.