Don’t listen to the naysayers and poo-pooers.

Don’t listen to those who have always played it safe.

Don’t listen to those who want you to stay the same forever and are threatened by your potential growth.

Don’t listen to your nemesis.

Don’t listen to the negative, fearful ones.

Absolutely don’t listen to the keyboard bandits who enjoy trolling strangers.

And don’t listen to the internal voices that keep telling you that it can’t be done.

Listen to those who are encouraging you.

Listen to those who have risked it all and survived.

Listen to those who can see something remarkable in you.

Listen to those with different perspectives and different beliefs.  It never hurts to stretch your mind and challenge your own ideas.

Listen to those with genuine wisdom and are willing to generously share it with you.

Listen to the voice of God reminding you that you are loved and He has a purpose for your life.

Listen to your own voice as it constantly affirms your capabilities.

There are a lot of voices in your life, some helpful, some not so much.

So please be discerning and careful about who you listen to.