There’s something inside each person that overflows into the world around them.

It bubbles away under the surface until it cannot be restrained and then it pours out.

It’s what we focus on and think about the most.

And it has the potential to either positively or negatively influence everyone around us.

So my question today is, what’s overflowing from you?

Is it boundless energy that enthuses and inspires others?

Or a drab dourness that brings everyone else down?

Is it hope and optimism about the exciting future ahead?

Or a fearful, timid perspective that resists change and longs for the good ol’ days?

Is it words of encouragement that come from a healthy self-esteem?

Or are you trying to bring others down to the level that you believe you are on?

Is it generous in nature, bringing peace and love into every situation?

Or is it snide and suspicious towards those who look different and have views that contrast with yours?

Does your overflow bring life?

Or does its toxicity make things worse?

It’s your overflow.

It’s your choice.

It’s your opportunity to make the world a better place.