If I win, does that mean that you lose?

And if you win, does that mean that I lose?

If I lose, does that mean that you win?

And if you lose, does that mean that I win?

Or is it just that when someone else wins, we feel as though we lose by comparison.  They’re doing better, so it makes us feel worse about our current situation.

Conversely, if someone else loses, we can feel smug and superior about our situation.  We know better, we perform better, perhaps even, we are better.

But does it really have to be that way?

Are we really in competition with each other?

Do we really have to make constant comparisons that either make us feel better or worse about ourselves?

What if, when a person wins, we all win?

If someone else does well, why can’t we all celebrate and share in the moment?

And what if, when a person loses, we all lose?

If someone else is struggling with life, why can’t we put a figurative or literal arm around them and walk with them through their pain?

Let’s exchange the competition and comparison for cooperation and collaboration.

That’s winning!