I don’t like cooking.

It’s not the final outcome that worries me (although that can be dodgy), but the mess that I’ve made in the mean-time.

After I’ve tried my best to prepare a culinary delight for the family, the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it and it takes longer to clean up than it did to make the meal.

And don’t get me started on handyman tasks around the house.

Ignore the fact that I am one of the least handy men that I know, whenever I try to fix or build something, there’s always a big mess to clean up and a pile of tools to put away at the end.

And if you’re a leader, if you want to do anything meaningful through your position you’ve got to be prepared for lots of messy conversations.  No matter how noble your intentions or reasonable the action, there will be those who disagree and make it unnecessarily difficult for you.

Here’s the thing.

Of course, you can avoid the mess and live on microwave meals.

Or you can embrace the mess and understand that it’s an important part of the process of greatness.