Like many other sports fans, I watched the gripping US Masters sudden death playoff this morning (Australian time), between Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose.

To see the relief and exhilaration when Garcia made the winning putt was terrific.

Here was a guy in his 74th golf major, finally getting the rewards of almost 2 decades of toil.  They only play four each year, so that’s a long time to wait between losses.

Here was a guy who had lost in a playoff in the 2007 British Open and had other close calls and disappointments, showing the benefits of never giving up.

I don’t know what your aspirations are, but Sergio’s remarkable victory reminds us that some dreams take longer than others.

That the taste of victory is sweeter if you’ve had to work harder for it.

That you have to believe in yourself, even when everyone else has written off your chances.

That persistence pays off.

So don’t give up.

It would be lovely if our dreams were suddenly fulfilled with the click of our fingers, but there is no fairy godmother.

Only years of hard work, focus and persistence.

And in the end, victory.

So, how long should you persist for?

As long as it takes.