Over the years, I’ve spoken in a wide range of contexts, including schools, churches, corporate seminars, Rotary Clubs and community groups, with sizes ranging from a handful to hundreds.

And of course, this blog is read by people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

In every audience that I’m either speaking or writing to, there is one thing in common.

Without exception, every audience has someone with the potential to change the world in a remarkable way.

It could be the 5 year old girl, sitting wide-eyed in the front row.

Or the cynical high school student sitting closer to the back.

It could be the unemployed recent migrant looking for an opportunity to make a living in a new country.

Or the corporate suit who has become more and more jaded over the years.

It could be the single mother who reads this blog with a cup of tea after a full day with a young family.

Or it could be the 60 year old church elder, who has never heard that Bible story explained in a certain way before.

They are everywhere.

People with the ideas, passion, resilience and resourcefulness required to change the world.

Maybe they’ve never thought of it that way before.

Maybe they’ve given up momentarily.

Maybe they’ve never been able to identify what they should be doing with their life.

Maybe they have never had someone cheer them on to greatness.

But they are there.

And I suspect that you are one of them!