As a passionate sports fan, I enjoy watching the press conference after the game to see the response from the winning and losing coaches.

Some rant and rave about umpiring decisions.

Some bemoan their bad luck.

Some take the blame for any losses, but give the credit to others for any victories.

Some do the opposite.

Some love seeing the development in their younger players.

Some list the star players who weren’t available.

Some are excited about the next opportunity to test themselves.

Some are so exhausted by the game that they can’t focus on anything else yet.

What if you had a press conference?

What if, at the end of each week or after a significant event, you had to sit behind a microphone and explain what had happened?

Would you be surly, or engaging?

Would you take responsibility for negative outcomes, or make excuses?

Would you point out all of the contributors to your success, or try to keep the spotlight on your own awesomeness?

Would you be excited about the challenges ahead, or wonder when it will all end?

What would you say?