A warrior feels fear, yet still goes into battle.

A warrior has doubts, yet still has faith.

A warrior spends hours in mundane practice, so that on the battlefield, the basics are done instinctively.

A warrior knows that there is more to learn from defeat than victory.

A warrior is calm in the chaos and resilient when under fire.

A warrior trust the person next to them to do their job, and is trustworthy in return.

A warrior appreciates the scars of others, knowing that every warrior has them if they have truly entered the fray.

A warrior understands that a strong mind is as important as a strong body and trains both accordingly.

A warrior respects and admires his opponent, never underestimating their capabilities.

A warrior understands that more often than not, that opponent is looking at him in the mirror.

A warrior knows that sometimes you have to wait for a long time before the opportunity to attack comes, but when it comes she doesn’t hesitate to give it all that she has.

Are you a warrior?