So many choices.

Will I smile at the other drivers in the busy school carpark?

Will I encourage someone who looks dispirited?

Will I help someone in need of assistance?

Will I cheer my kids on in their endeavours?

Will I pray for someone?

Will I laugh at myself to make someone else smile?

Will I make sure that I get outside and feel the sun’s rays?

Will I express my gratitude for the blessings and challenges in my life?

Will I help someone identify and then achieve their goals?

Will I tell my family that I love them?

And then explain why?

Will I thank someone for doing something that no-one else noticed?

Will I read a chapter of a great book and then spend a few moments contemplating what I’ve learned?

What will I do today?

What the heck, I’ll try to do the lot!

What are you going to do today?