I’ve met many extremely talented people in my time.

Some were extraordinary musicians, some phenomenal athletes and some were just super-smart individuals capable of remarkable work.

I’ve also met more than a few people who, like the rest of us, aren’t blessed with obvious natural capabilities.

They didn’t stand out in school.

No-one was in awe of them from a young age.

People didn’t expect great things from them.

But from the talented few, not all of them went on to achieve great things.

Many relied solely on their talents to get by and were left behind.

They became complacent, sloppy, lazy.

And from the rest, some have gone on to achieve world-class results.

They found their niche, never stopped believing in themselves, worked extremely hard and stayed focused on continually developing their skills.

Not all of us are talented, but talent is over-rated.

We can control how hard we work and each of us has the capacity to develop our skills to a phenomenal level.