One of the greatest ice skaters of all time and 2004 Olympic gold medallist, Shizuka Arakawa of Japan, is estimated to have fallen over 20,000 times in practice on her way to the top of her sport.

That’s a lot of tumbles.

That’s a lot of bruises.

That’s a lot of persistence.

That’s a lot of clumsy and embarrassing moments.

That’s a lot of trying and failing at difficult jumps until perfection was attained.

If we want to be world-class at anything, we can’t play it safe and do what we’ve always done.

It’s time to keep pushing ourselves past the brink of our current limits and capabilities.

To not be afraid of the bruises.

To get up and keep going after every fall.

To stay brave and resilient to the end.

Because the pain of a fall is forgotten in the glory of a gold medal performance.