I had the privilege last night of speaking at the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley, a terrific group of people who are serving their local community and having fun doing so.

As is customary on such occasions, at the completion of my presentation, I was given a special glass, with the Rotary branding as a gift.

When I got home, I carried the glass inside the house and wondered to myself, “What do I do with this glass now?  Do I place it on a shelf somewhere to look at and admire, or do I put it in the cupboard with the other glasses to be used?”

As I pondered this conundrum, it made me think about our gifts and abilities.

There are those leave their talents on the shelf to gather dust, but that’s not what they are for.

Your skills have been given to you to use.

They aren’t ornamental, they are functional.

They aren’t meant to gather dust, they are meant to be fully developed.

The glass will be used.

Will your gifts?