what-does-your-fearDoes your fear prevent you from doing dangerous activities?

Does it stop you from taking unnecessary risks?

Does it protect you from ever feeling rejected?

Does it remind you of the need to colour within the lines and not create waves?

Does it force you to make decisions that create a better sense of comfort and security?

Does it stop you in your tracks before you make a terrible mistake?

Does it make you more aware of the tripping hazards in your path?

Does it demand nothing less than perfection, even if that means doing nothing at all?

Does it save you from doing something embarrassing?

Does it inoculate you from the impacts of a rapidly changing world?

Or does it just prevent you from living your best life possible?

Stop listening to your fears.

They are liars and will only limit your potential to do wonderful things with your life.

Instead, understand that the risks, mistakes, trip-ups, embarrassments and imperfections are all a part of the messy, yet necessary, process of moving towards greatness.