its-easy-to-say-muchIt’s easy to set ambitious goals.

But much harder to do the work required to achieve them.

It’s easy to promise your family that you’ll spend less time in the office.

But much harder to keep that promise.

It’s easy to join a gym or enroll in a night school course.

But much harder to actually follow up and go.

It’s easy to threaten to quit your job one day.

But much harder to take the risk into the unknown.

It’s easy to buy lots of great books.

But much harder to actually read them.

It’s easy to tell someone that you’re there for them during their struggles.

But much harder to drop  in, make that call or send a note.

It’s easy to say, “Till death us do part.”

But much harder to keep falling in love everyday so that your marriage lasts the journey.

It’s easy to say.

Much harder to do.

But it’s the hard stuff that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary.