if-you-believe-inPittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown recently signed a contract worth $68M over 4 years, making him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL.  He has been to the Pro Bowl 5 times and is a superstar of the NFL, but it hasn’t been an easy ride for him.

Nicknamed “Boney Tony” in high school, when he left Central Michigan University to enter the NFL Draft, he was described by scouts as, “Very thin, small in stature, lacks functional strength.”  As a result, he slid down the order and was taken in the 6th round at pick 195.

But instead of being disappointed, he used the snub as motivation, selecting the number 84, because 8×4=32, which is the number of teams that overlooked him in the draft.

After signing his record contract, Brown revealed that he keeps a copy of his scouting reports and went on to say,

“It’s just motivation.  Inspiration for those guys at the Combine and everyone around the world.  I think it shows that you control your destiny.  

If you believe in yourself and work hard, be consistent, do the right things, you get rewarded.  I just want to serve as motivation, as inspiration for anybody out there… undrafted, late round draft picks… you can do anything if you commit to it, work towards it and stay consistent.  

I’m just here at a grateful time to inspire others to live their dreams, never doubt themselves, never give up, refuse to be denied.  No matter what anyone says about you, always believe in yourself and strive to be your best self everyday.”

I don’t know what your ambitions are, but I suspect that if you take heed of Antonio’s advice and never doubt yourself, never give up and refuse to be denied, then a wonderful and exciting future is ahead for you.