take-a-deep-breath-getResilience is one of the most important traits that successful people have.

But none of them were born with it and none of them obtained it by sitting on the bench.

They built it by falling over and getting back up again.

They built it by failing and realising that it wasn’t the end of the world.

They built it by not allowing the harsh words of their critics to seep into their souls.

They built it by doing the hard things that they didn’t want to do, because they knew that it would be easier the next time.

They built it by understanding that fear has no authority over the person who acts with love, power and discipline.

If you think that you can gradually build the resilience that you need by just sitting on the sidelines, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

And if you think that you can build it in your kids by allowing them to take the safe, easy road, then you’re doing them a significant disservice.

Take a deep breath.

Get in the game.

You’re stronger than you think.