we-all-want-the-finishedAll first drafts stink.

They are embarrassing and awkward.

They are full of typos and lack flow.

Basically, they aren’t fit for human consumption and should be hidden away from the public eye.

But they are a start.

They give the writer something to work with.

Delete this, tweak that, move it around a little.

Eventually, a book, a screenplay, a blog post, an essay or an article emerges and the work is ready for the world to read.

We all want the finished product, but are afraid of the stinky first draft.

Whatever you want to do in life, you’ll often feel like you don’t know what you are doing at first, but that’s part of the process.

Just start.

Make mistakes.

Get frustrated.


Get better.

Delete it all and start again.

Ignore that voice inside your head that’s telling you you’re wasting your time.

Ignore those voices outside of your head that tell you the same thing.

Keep going.

That’s how you become elite.

That’s how you change the world.