i-look-forward-with-hopeToday, I look forward with hope.

Hope that my kids will continue to flourish and stay healthy.

Hope that my business will grow and I will be able to impact more lives.

Hope that I will stay focused and start making a dent in some of my long-term goals.

Hope that God hears my prayers and speaks into my life about how I can be a better man.

Hope that as a society, we can start caring better for the underprivileged and become less vitriolic with those we disagree with.

Hope that this year will be the best yet, not because of my circumstances, but because of the action that I will take.

But I don’t only hope for the above, internally, I expect them to happen. ¬†Because this isn’t just a fantasy land hope based on fairy dust and Disney songs, it’s based on an expectation that I will do all that can to make the world a better place in the year ahead.

When we all do that, we can all look forward with great hope.