April 2017

17th – The Best Opportunity

14th – Thank You Jesus

13th – The Cynic in the Corner

12th – On Winning

11th – Embrace the Mess

March 2017

31st – I’ll Get the Next One

30th – In Every Audience

29th – Don’t Forget Love

28th – Kids Haven’t Changed

27th – Just Because You Love Your Job, It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stay There

24th – My Seven Year Itch

23rd – Sustain Your Enthusiasm

22nd – What Would you Say at Your Press Conference?

February 2017

28th – What Are You Repeating?

27th – You Will Stumble as You Go

January 2017

31st – You Really Shouldn’t Be Surprised

20th –

19th –

18th – To Be Exceptional

17th –

16th –

13th –

12th –

11th –

10th – Where Will You Find Your Ideas?

9th – At the End of 2017

6th – Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

5th – Stop Dabbling

4th – Don’t Wait For a Near Death Experience

3rd – I Look Forward With Hope

2nd – New Years’ Revelations