we-all-need-a-bit-of-adversityIt’s tempting to yearn for an easy life, but we all need a bit of adversity.

It helps to forge our character.

It makes us stronger and more resilient.

It gives us greater courage and boldness for future challenges.

It increases our capacity for more.

It teaches us valuable life lessons.

It reminds us of what we have to be grateful for.

It prepares us for the next level.

And overcoming it teaches us that our fears are liars.

So stop avoiding adversity and lean into the challenges that life has for you.

Nothing worth doing ever came easily, and you don’t want to waste your life on the trivial and unimportant.

So the next mishap that comes your way, don’t whine about it or wish it away.  Smile, face up to it, use it to your advantage, eat it for breakfast.

For the record, in the context of this post, I’m not talking about major traumatic events.  I would never welcome them on anyone and understand the negative impact that they can have on an individual.  If you have recently gone through a significant event, please know that we love you and are praying for you.  Yes, some people are strong enough to inspire us with their journey through genuinely harrowing experiences, but that’s not the message of this post.