youre-a-rubber-ball-notWhen a tea cup falls to the ground it smashes into a thousand pieces and can never be fully repaired.

But when a rubber ball falls, it bounces right back.  In fact, if it falls with enough force, sometimes it bounces higher than from where it dropped.

If you’re a tea cup, you dread falling.  You hang on carefully and play it safe.  You are treated delicately by others and can never be thrown or handled roughly in case you are destroyed completely.

But a rubber ball can cope with falling.  In fact, they thrive on it and bounce back for more.  If you’re a rubber ball, you don’t need to be handled with care, but can deal with the most extreme of circumstances.

Here’s the deal.

From now on, whenever you fall, remember that you’re not a tea cup any more, but a rubber ball.

You are able to bounce back.

The fall will not destroy you.

You are more resilient than you previously thought.