we-were-three-albums-inOne of the books that I’m reading at the moment is Peter Garrett’s autobiography, “Big Blue Sky: A Memoir.”

Garrett is the lead singer of one of Australia’s most iconic rock band’s, the Midnight Oils, and he described the process of making one of their albums by saying, “We were three albums in and needed to push down the fence and graze in a bigger paddock.”

They had grand ambitions as a band and knew that they were going to have to push themselves and their craft to maximise their results.

They knew that there was no use in pining over the success of others if they weren’t willing to take the risk involved to give themselves a chance to get there.

What about you?

Are there bigger paddocks that you are looking to move to?

Are you aspiring to a more lucrative job, a more successful business, a better version of yourself?

Start pushing down fences.

Do what you’ve never done so that you can achieve what you’ve never achieved.