will-you-settle-for-anThere is a lonely tree that hangs grimly onto a cliff-face somewhere, with no visible means of support.

There is a lion who launches at a passing zebra and grips tightly with its claws and teeth, being dragged along by its prey.

That same zebra kicks and leaps and does everything that it can to escape the clutches of its predator.

There is a gull flying against the strong gales of the coast, flapping hard against the power of the wind and slowly making progress.

There is a forest, burned by terrible flames.  Blackened and seemingly dead, except for a new green shoot that sprouts and gives hope.

There is a glacier, slowly, inexorably moving down a mountain towards the coast, crushing everything in its path.

And then there’s you and your situation.

Will you give up or hang on?

Will you succumb or conquer?

Will you settle for an average life, or display the extraordinary tenacity required to do remarkable things against the odds?