i-had-a-bad-dayI had a bad day yesterday.

But today will be better.

I’m not sure that I was the best dad I could be.

But I’ll learn from that.

I think I could have interacted better with my clients.

But I’ll get that right today.

I really didn’t need that chocolate.

But I’ll look after myself better today.

I’m not sure if I was at my influential best.

But I’ll smile and look for more opportunities to help others today.

I didn’t get a lot out of my reading and prayer time.

But I’ll be more focused this time around.

I had a bad day yesterday.

We all do from time to time.

The challenge is to make sure that they don’t become a┬áhabit.

That your bad day doesn’t become a day week, month or year.

And that you forgive yourself, learn from the experience and move on.